Lena the Rottweiler LOVES to take showers!

See Lena’s Journey from California to NY aboard a plane and on the Rachael Ray show & showering on TV! https-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=5taOwChtGfc Everyone that knows our Rottie Lena knows she LOVES the water & even more to take showers! If you don’t close the bathroom door she WILL get right in with you! This is right after I got out of the shower & she hoped in and didn’t want to get out.. Then topped off with a kiss from our permanent foster boy Blu. All our rottweilers have loved the water but now as much as this one does! Here is for all you non believers that Lena doesn’t love to shower lol! Lena shower sequel http-//youtu.be/l2WEda2nOGQ?list=UUM19mcgd_w_vp_B5oMyaRnw See the link to video to see how that kiss ended after the shower at http-//youtu.be/1B0QC4v0lfE?list=PLBwt9LSbb6UHtixVi4-hviJFrxdy–aaS SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW LIFE WITH OZ (& LENA TOO) https-//www.facebook.com/rottweilerlove http-//oztherottweiler.blogspot.com http-//instagram.com/lifewithoz https-//www.youtube.com/user/choppergirlJune/ So you say you want a rottweiler, read this first.  http-//oztherottweiler.blogspot.com/2009/01/you-want-rottweiler-read-this-first.html *For licensing inquiries please email licensing@break.com* LOVE YOUR DOGS