Evangeline Lilly Pictures

Evangeline Lilly Pictures on Newsfeed – If you were the kind of person who dressed up as Gandalf for the premiere of Lord of the Rings, I need you to brace yourself because Peter Jackson has just confirmed that Evangeline Lilly has signed on for a 2 part film adaptation of JR Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” You guys ok?

You may all know Evangeline better as the hot chick from the show “Lost” who for some reason is wearing a bikini in like 90% of the pictures taken of her. Now imagine her in elf ears hobbit fans… Now I’m just torturing you.

Many people think that Lilly got her big film break on Lost, but that is not true, a year before that in 2003, she actually got her break by having an un-credited role on Freddy Vs. Jason… Un-credited huh? She dodged a 2-star machete on that one.