Epic Drunk Buried Alive Prank

Posted by HURLEX on Jan. 26, 2010

This is hands down the greatest prank we have ever pulled. Ryan was obliterated drunk and passed out on the couch when Brendan and I got home. Ryan didnt even tell us and got drunk by himself like a loser. We were messing around and he wasnt moving or waking up, so we decided to simulate his biggest fear which is being buried alive. We picked Ryan up from the couch and carried him to the kitchen table and then we put a large cardboard box over his body and then a large plank of wood to add weight and make sure it was pitch black. Then Brendan put all his weight on it and started banging on it to wake Ryan up. Ryan woke up and started screaming bloody murder and eventually got the box off of his head and rolled off the table and took the bigest faceplant nosedive Ive ever seen. He destroyed his face and he looked like a dead whale falling onto land. Ryan was terrified and ended up trying to fight Brendan and actually hit him in the back of the head. It was the single greatest prank in the history of tim

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