Tense Conclusion To High-Speed Police Chase Caught By Police Helicopter

A driver who led police on a white-knuckle chase through several towns in the Cape Cod region on Monday has been arrested and slapped with a slew of charges for his dangerous antics.

Police helicopter footage shows a man in a red Hyundai Sonata zipping through local roads and across several highways as police frantically try to stop him. Officials claim that the chase reached speeds upwards of 100 mph and saw the man drive the wrong away against commuting traffic on one busy stretch of road.

The escapee even damaged three police cruisers while trying to flee and another two as he came to a stop, which will certainly not bode well for him in the courtroom.

Police finally managed to pin the suspect down when he took an exit ramp. The arresting officers can be seen yanking the man out of the car and placing him under arrest.

Now, the 24-year-old from Dighton faces one count each of failure to stop for a police officer, operating to endanger, operating after license revocation, and speeding. Oh, and his name did not even match the registered owner of the car, which means he potentially stole it.

Although no serious injuries were reported, one local officer was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of a minor injury.