Badass Employees Disarm Gunman Trying To Rob Their Store, Hold Him For Police

Courageous or stupid? A convenience store employee thwarted an armed robbery at his workplace by sneaking up on the culprit with a firearm of his own, a move that some commenters have noted could have easily led to someone getting hurt.

The incident took place recently when 26-year-old Frederick Thornton burst into a Stockyards shop and held the cashier at gunpoint as he ordered him to hand over all the money in the register. Surveillance footage shows a masked Thornton waving his weapon in the clerk’s face as he leans over the counter.

A few moments later, another employee can be seen rushing in from out of frame and ambushing Thornton by tapping on the back with his gun. The panicked robber twists away and ends up with his back against the door.

A frantic fight over the guns breaks out as the first employee – who can be seen firing warning shots into the ceiling – is joined by his coworker in holding Thornton at bay. Eventually, the workers manage to get Thornton to lie on the ground and keep him at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Thornton is charged with aggravated robbery and remains in the Cleveland City Jail on $100,000 bond. Store owner Haytham Mustafa praised his employees for only using enough force to subdue the robber without hurting him.