Eliot Ness Vs Mad Butch & Tristan Chronicles

Posted by ShawnCainFilms on Dec. 17, 2011

SHAWN CAIN FILMS Presents January Documentries Promos check them out. Eliot Ness Vs The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run Webseries In this ep we look at the mood and the climent of the 1930s as a backdrop to as we show through newsreel of that day of how this case played out. TRISTAN CHRONICLES You heard of Indian Jones and the lost Ark, That story was based on the real life story of The Tristan Chronicles. The only known account of the war in heaven, and the truth of our life here on earth. The tablets were thought to be lost when Alexandrias great library burned, For hundred of years the tablets are lost and the world grows, until an Archeologist Igor Van Sulten. Van Sulten has dedicated his life to ancient relics, and just returned to Germany from the great pyramids when WWII breaks out.

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