ELFIS Story part 14 v2 - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Posted by elfis on Dec. 05, 2009

Funny Christmas song twist about Daddy and Santa kissing, (equality version) performed by ELFIS. - Lyrics Kip Addotta with one small twist by Steve Stay, music T. Connor.http://www.ElfisLives.comELFIS, short for E Long Fong I Song, the name given to Santa Tech dropout Stewart E Pedd II by his Elf Guru, Elfi Ona Honda Beyonda Ponda. Re-live the real life Stu Pedd adventures in word and song as ELFIS shares his twisted journey from normal North Pole kid to Santa Technical College to elf commune.LYRICS - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa ClausLyrics Kip Addotta, music T. Connor.I saw daddy kissing, Santa ClausUnderneath the mistletoe last nightHe didnt see me creep, down the stairs to have a peepHe thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleepThen I saw daddy tickle, Santa ClausUnderneath his beard so snowy whiteThere must be some mistake, was I really awake?I rub my eyes and moved in close up, better look to takeThen I..then I...hey..hey!Then I saw daddy hugging, Santa ClausHe ...

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