Loudmouth Thieves Disappointed By Loot Received During Hotel Stickup

Police in Everett, Washington have released the jarring surveillance footage from an armed robbery at an Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, and now authorities are calling on the public at large to help identify the culprits.

The spooky incident took place just after 2:00 am on January 5. The clip shows the front desk employee greeting the two robbers as usual when one of them suddenly pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and points it at the frightened woman.

They order her to hand over all the cash in the register but seem to be disappointed by how little there is. That’s when one of the pair orders the front desk employee to hand over her personal cell phone and she complies.

The two suspects were described as men in their mid 20s with black hair, brown eyes, and no facial hair. Both wore jeans and dark hoodies, and one of the hoodies had the word “dolphin” on it.

Information leading to their arrest could net you up to $1,000 in cash as a reward, so keep an eye out for dolphin hoodies.