Easy Guacamole Dip Recipes

Posted by Newsfeed on May. 06, 2011

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There is nothing like drinking shots of Tequila and stuffing your face with Mexican food. It may not be the sexiest of cuisines, but I have to say I love me some guacamole. This delicious green dipping paste dates as far back as the Aztecs who called it ahuaca-mulli. They also believed that Avocados were Aphrodisiacs. So get a partner mix some Avocados with some lime juice and some salsa of your choice and get the party started.Nothing beats Guacamole dip with shots of Tequila. A big added bonus is guacamole is made out of avocados which are an aphrodisiac. Tequila multiplied by the avocado aphrodisiac is why so many people get excited about celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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