Duo Breaks Into Barber Shop Bar, Steals Large Flat Screen TV Off The Wall

A combination bar and barber shop in Fresno, California, has fallen on rough times – and it’s not even because of the bizarre concept. Police have released surveillance footage of a robbery that took place last week at Sips N Clips in which a pair of thugs ransacked the place.

The clip, which was filmed at roughly 4:30 am on April 17, shows one black-clad robber bash open the glass on the front door and sprint toward the back of the shop while another crook follows from behind.

Within moments, one of the robbers has grabbed a flat screen TV and yanked it off the wall, forcefully disconnecting it from a slew of plugins, while the other robber appears to be grabbing a cash register from the countertop.

The pair then flee the premises as quickly as they came, working together to lug the unwieldy TV and cash box away from the scene. A still from the footage reveals that one of the culprits is female, but police do not otherwise have any leads in the investigation.