Drunken Street Fight Leaves One Guy Knocked Out And Many Laughs To Be Had

A wild drunken brawl on Liverpool’s Seel Street, a popular nightlife destination in the city’s center, was caught on dashcam footage for the world to see. Now, police are hoping that this video will help them identify the suspects involved.

The footage shows two groups of combatants hurling punches at each other until one of the fighters knocks another man unconscious.

Things only ramp up from there: a man in a gray shirt comes to rescue his downed buddy with a flurry of awkward kicks… only to lose his balance and fall down. Nicely done, mate. Meanwhile, another large scuffle spills back into the street and quickly turns into a three-on-one slugfest against a guy on the ground.

According to authorities, police were called at around 1:30 am by someone who saw the two groups of men fighting for their lives. By the time they arrived, only one of the groups remained and one of the men had suffered minor injuries.

No police complaints were filed and nobody was admitted to the hospital in relation to the street brawl.