Super Drunk Walmart Trucker Falls Out Of Truck, Crawls On Highway

A Minnesota truck driver has found himself in hot water after undergoing a traffic stop that revealed that he had tucked away more than a few too many drinks. When police caught up to him, the sauced truck driver could barely maintain his composure and embarrassingly spilled right out of his vehicle.

Jonathan Czech was spotted by Minnesota state troopers as he swerved across multiple highway lanes, posing a dangerous threat to law-abiding drivers. He eventually slammed into a road sign and veered into the right shoulder lane before finally bringing his inebriated journey to a halt.

After police finally managed to track him down, the 45-year-old admitted to having downed “a few beers” before his long trip from Minot, North Dakota. Officers on the scene noted that Czech’s eyes were completely bloodshot and that the tipsy truck driver smelled of booze.

The bizarre traffic stop did not end there: when the cops figured out that Czech was clearly unable to drive, they ordered him out of the car. Instead of soberly complying, though, he toppled out of his vehicle and began to crawl on his hands and knees in the middle of the highway, forcing officers to redirect traffic around him.

A cursory search of Czech’s vehicle revealed that he had two 1.75 liter bottles of vodka next to the driver’s seat, with one of the bottles open and almost entirely consumed. Czech was then forced to undergo a breath test and blew a 0.28, placing him many times over the legal limit.

Czech, who was driving a Walmart truck on behalf of third-party transportation company Crete Carrier, was promptly fired from his job for the drunken debacle. No word has surfaced as to whether he will face criminal charges for his negligent behavior.