Drunk Teacher Tries To Escape DUI Charge By Seducing Cops

Police in Florida have released dashcam footage of the moment when a 43-year-old teacher tried to use her feminine wiles to talk her way out of trouble when she got pulled over. Too bad she was blackout drunk and could hardly even walk, let alone seduce anyone.

The clip open with Saryna Parker attempting to escape from a pair of police officers, but she doesn’t get very far before getting put in handcuffs. She had just crashed her car into a van and was slurring heavily, and the cops on the scene smelled alcohol.

At first Parker refused a field sobriety test, but when she figured it might give her an opportunity to walk free, she consented to one. Instead of performing the test, though, she drunkenly told the officer: “I’m going to kiss you in a second. If he doesn’t stop looking at me like that I’m gonna kiss him.”

A little later, Parker can be seen giggling playfully with the officer as he tries to corral her into walking in a straight line, at one point even telling him that she loves him.

It didn’t work: Parker was arrested and slapped with charges of DUI, DUI with property damage, careless driving, and battery on a police officer for kicking the cop when he placed her in the cruiser. She also reportedly had her 10-year-old child in the back seat of her car as the incident unfolded.