Scary Moment When Drunk Driver Hits Police Officer Head On

This is how quickly a routine drive down the road can suddenly transform into a near-death situation when you decide to drink and get behind the wheel. Police in Oklahoma have released intense dashcam footage that shows a head-on collision between a cop and a suspected drunkard.

In the clip, which was filmed last week, Officer K. Hoey can be seen patrolling just before midnight. As he hits in a bend in the road, though, an oncoming GMC pickup truck fails to navigate it properly and ends up smashing directly into Hoey’s cruiser.

Hoey was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released later in the day.

Richard McMorris, 48, the numbskull who was driving the pickup truck, was arrested and slapped with citations for driving under the influence, causing an injury accident and failing to maintain the lane.