Emotional Scene Where Drunk Driver Realizes He Killed Somebody

This tragic scene is why you should never drink and drive. Dashcam footage out of Oklahoma shows the moment when 30-year-old Craig Maker confessed to killing a mother-of-two after a fatal crash that was caused by his drunk driving.

Maker was arrested on New Year’s Eve for killing 37-year-old Amanda Carson and 18-year-old Nhu Huong in an accident on the Kilpatrick Turnpike. Carson was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead, while Huong succumbed to her injuries two weeks later. Carson’s daughters, aged 4 and 9 years old, survived the crash.

In the clip, Maker can be seen holding back tears as the arresting Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper explained that he had clocked Maker going 116 mph but was not able to pull him over in time to prevent the crash.

“It’s going to weigh on me that I didn’t catch you before,” the officer says.

“But I killed somebody,” Maker interjects. “It’s going to weigh on me, it’s going to weigh on that family, it’s going to weigh on you, it’s going to weigh on my family because I’m not a murderer.”

Maker faces four counts including second-degree murder and driving under the influence. Shockingly, this was his fifth DUI arrest, with Maker having previously pleaded guilty four times to the reckless offense.