Drug Suspect Faceplants After Getting Hit With Taser While Running From Police

Maybe it was the drugs or perhaps it was simply a lack of remaining brain cells, but this Florida man who tried to escape from a routine traffic stop did not manage to get very far at all before he was taken down by a well-aimed taser.

Bodycam footage out of Pasco County shows the embarrassing moment when 34-year-old Cameron Alex Jones was pulled over in his Toyota Prius for failing to stop at a stop sign.

When Jones steps out of the car – twitchily begging and pleading with a cigarette between his fingers – the officers quickly realize something is up. It doesn’t take long before they spot multiple hypodermic needles inside of his vehicle.

Jones peaceably agrees to a pat down and appears to be cooperative when the cop discover a mysterious baggie containing a white rock, but suddenly, the panicked druggie attempts to flee.

“I’m gonna tase you. I’m gonna tase you!” the arresting officer yells. A true man of his word, the cop fires his taser and instantly downs Jones, who fails to put much more of a struggle up as he is placed under arrest.

The frantic fugitive is now behind bars. The white rock turned out to be meth, while several packets and a syringe inside of Jones’s car tested positive for heroin.