Idiot Drug Dealer Calls Cops When He Gets Locked Out Of Car, Gets Arrested

File this one under “criminals who are so stupid that it’s a miracle they weren’t arrested years ago.” An Ohio man called the police to help him when he locked his keys in his car, only to get detained when the officers caught a very strong whiff marijuana wafting out of the vehicle.

When 39-year-old Keith Deloach of Mayfield Heights realized that he had unintentionally stranded himself, the addled motorist called 911 for help. The cops were able to quickly pop open his door, but once they did, they were met by a very dank smell.

Deloach initially claimed that the singular stench was from a cigar that he had been smoking just prior to locking himself out, but the officers weren’t buying it. He eventually admitted to hiding two bags of marijuana under a coffee cup in the backseat.

Once allowed to search the car, cops also discovered a weed grinder, three boxes of sandwich bags, and a scale, which led them to assume that Deloach was actually working as a dealer. He now faces charges of drug trafficking and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, charges that might be escalated since there were children nearby at the time of the incident.

As for why Deloach would call the police for help instead of any other pop-a-lock service in Mayfield Heights… some mysteries are simply beyond our comprehension.