Magnificent Drone Footage Of Giant Crack Found In The Earth

Are we about to get invaded by cave monsters? Scientists have identified that a mysterious 2-mile crack in the earth located in the Arizona desert is expected to grow even larger in the next few years.

New drone-cam footage shows the fissure, which was first discovered in 2014 by geologist Joseph Cook of the Arizona Geological Survey after he studied Google Earth images, in all its glory. Roughly 10 feet wide at maximum, the crack cuts through a dry area dotted with shrubs.

According to Cook, the fissure appeared to be a lot smaller on Google Earth, and he was surprised when he actually went out to investigate and found that it had grown to nearly 2 miles.

Authorities have even expressed concern that the crack, located in the Tator Hills area about 13 miles south of Arizona City, could eventually become problematic for livestock, people driving through the area, or curious humans who stand close to the edge and tumble in.

While the fissure’s origins are still shrouded in speculation, Cook believes that it may have been formed underground by farmers’ subsurface water wells and exposed on the surface by heavy rains in 2014 and 2016.