Super Cool Drone Footage Of China’s Massive, New $11 Billion Dam

You have to see this drone footage of China’s Xiluodu Hydropower Station, a jaw-dropping feat of engineering that is officially the fourth-tallest dam and the third-largest hydropower station in the entire world.

The dam, which is primarily geared to draw hydroelectric power from the Jinsha River but also provides for flood and silt control, consists of a whopping 240 million cubic feet of concrete and emits 164 feet of water every second that it is in full flow.

Although preliminary work on the dam began in 2003, the project officially broke ground in 2005 and was deemed complete eight years later. Last year, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers recognized Xiluodu as the Outstanding Project of the Year.

The Xiluodu reservoir contains roughly 3 cubic miles of water, of which about half is actively used for power generation purposes. It features two underground power stations with a total capacity of 13,860 MW, placing it just behind South America’s Itaipu Dam and China’s Three Gorges Dam in terms of energy generation.