Idiot Driver Runs Red Light While Fishtailing Around Stopped Cars

Well, that was unexpected. Red light camera footage out of Boynton Beach, Florida shows the moment when a seemingly out-of-control vehicle blasted through a red light going upwards of 50 mph.

The potentially deadly incident, which took place on New Year’s Eve, is now being used by local authorities as an example of how running red lights can prove fatal for both drivers and innocent bystanders.

“The light was red for 68 seconds, when the driver blew through the intersection at 50 mph, fishtailing around stopped vehicles,” the Boynton Beach Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

“We hope that by posting this video, it will help continue constructive dialogue about the dangers of running red lights,” the post continues.

Nobody was hurt in the incident and the city of Boynton Beach has discontinued its red light camera program, so it is unclear whether the driver of the vehicle is being pursued for the brazen Fast and Furious imitation.