Dragon Age 2: Secondary 8- Finders Keepers (1/2)

How to complete the Finders Keepers quest in Dragon Age 2: 1. After completing the Fools Rush In quest, travel to the Hanged Man. Isabela will tell you about Martin. 2. Find Martin in the back of the Hanged Man. 3. Travel to the Docks during the day and speak to the longshoremen. 4. Find Harbormaster Liam and deal with his assistant Aden. You can bribe or threaten Aden. If you wish to refuse Adens offer, you can return to the docks at night and steal the Dockside Redirect. 5. Travel to Woodrows Warehouse and fight the raiders inside. Find the marked treasure chest at the end of the dock to locate Martins cargo. 6. Return to Martin at the Hanged Man. http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs