Dragon Age 2: Secondary 23: Unbidden Rescue (3/3)

How to complete the Unbidden Rescue Secondary Quest in Dragon Age 2: 1. This quest can be picked up in Hightown, on a bounty note, or by directly traveling to the Viscount’s Keep. 2. Speak to Seneschal Bran. 3. Head to the Wounded Coast on the Free Marches map. 4. At this point, you may enter an instance related to a rumor Varric overheard. The minimap will show a southward path that branches in two, then converges. Travel South. The Western branch is filled with Giant Spiders attacking a group of mercenaries guarding a dwarf. After the fight, the dwarf will speak to you and offer you the Blackpowder Promise main plot quest. You will gain 5 friendship points with Aveline and Isabella. 5. Continue South and explore the westerly dead-end. Read the book on the floor to pick up the side quest “Caste Treatise and House Accounting.” 6. Leave the area through the southern exit. 7. Return to the Wounded Coast–we’re back on track for the proper quest. Head South-West. Explore the dead-end along the way. 8. Fight t