Dragon Age 2: Secondary 16: Loose Ends (2/2)

How to complete the Loose Ends quest in Dragon Age 2: Loose Ends will be different based on whether you chose to be a smuggler or a mercenary upon entering Kirkwall. This is the walkthrough for those who chose to be a mercenary with Meeran. 1. After you complete the Birthright quest, find the letter from Meeran on the desk at Gamlens house. Meet Meeran in the center of Lowtown (Night). You may run into Highwaymen. 2. Speak with Meeran. Accept his quest. 3. Head to the Docks (Day). 4. Approach Gustav. Guards will attack you. 5. In this playthrough, I refused to kill the Lord. Report back to Meeran. Head to Lowtown (Night). 6. Once again, you may be assaulted by Highwaymen. 7. Speak with Meeran. If you are honest with him, you won’t get any more quests from Meeran. If you lie, you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabella, Meeran will pay you, and you can get more missions from him. http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs