Dragon Age 2: Secondary 1- Bait & Switch (3/4)

How to complete Bait and Switch quest in Dragon Age 2: 1. Find the Bait and Switch quest by finding the letter on Gamlens desk in Gamlens house. 2. Locate and talk to Anso the Contact in Lowtown at night. 3. Travel to the Abandoned House in the Elven Alienage. 4. Fight your way through the Street Thugs and open the Smugglers Cargo Chest. 5. Return outside and fight your way through the ambush. 6. Travel to Hightown at night and find Fenris. Dont forget to level him up once he joins your party. 7. Fight your way through Denariuss Manor, until you find the Magisters key at the far end of the first floor. Go upstairs and unlock the Magisters Chambers. An Arcane Horror will appear. Defeat it and exit the manor. http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs