Dragon Age 2 – PT 79 Act 3 Main Quest The Last Stra

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , Best Served Cold (1/6) This video begins after the player defeats Orsino 1. Walk into the Templar Hall 2. The first pack of demons should not be too hard. Try to conserve the use of any potions. 3. After passing Sandel, open the door at the end, hold the position of all party members in the next hall. 4. Have one of the partys mages open the door at the end of this hallway and imitatively freeze all the templars in this room. then have that mage cast all of its Area of effect spells quickly. afterwards return to where the party is holding position. 5. If you have another mage, repeat the previous step with them. 6. As the templars begin to spill out of the room, release your party from the held position and battle them head on. 7. There is one more battle with Templars in the next room. Tempest is very effective in this room because it will effect nearly all the areas the Templars will be standing. This video ends with after the second encounter of Templars