Dragon Age 2 – PT 74 Act 3 Main Quest The Last Stra

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , The Last Straw (2/9) This video begins after the destruction of the Chantry by Anders 1. As soon as the Cutscene ends, run from the battle. one or two Templars will follow you , but they will be easy to defeat. The others will automatically be defeated by the friendly A.I. 2. Walk back to where you left your party. the progress towards the waypoint. 3. If there is an oppertunity to let the Templars fight the enemies before they see you, let them get whittled down before you initiate an attack. 4. Use all spells carefully because they will be desperately needed in later battles. This video ends after the player defeats the first group of demons and Templars http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs