Dragon Age 2 – PT 66 Act 3 Main Quest On the Loose

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , On the Loose (7/7) This video begins after the cutscene of Huon killing Nyssa, when the player battles him. 1. Any opportunity to attack Huon should be taken as he is the hardest foe of this battle 2. You can use the Glyph of Paralysis to hold several Shade demon back while you attack Huon. 4. Keep a warrior up close to Huon to act as a damage buffer to the other party members. 5. After defeating Huon, head back to the Gallows to report to Meredith in the Templars Hall. This video ends the cutscene of Huon killing Nyssa, before the player battles him. http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs