Dragon Age 2 – PT 58 Act 2 Main Quest Demands of t

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , Demands of the Qun (7/8) This video begins with the cutscene of Arishok tossing the head of the Viscount 1. Constant maintenance of stamina, mana and health is crucial to winning this battle. 2. Cast the Following spells on Arishok to buy yourself some time; Cone of Cold , Petrify, Glyph of Paralysise, Horror 3. Chain lightning will be great in this battle because of how crowded it gets, if you have unlocked it already also use Tempest. This video ends with the Cutscene of Hawke climbing the steps to the Viscounts Keep http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs