Dragon Age 2 – PT 55 Act 2 Main Quest Demands of t

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , Demands of the Qun (4/8) This video begins after the cutscene of Hawke speaking Knight Commander Meredith 1. When fighting the Qunari in the streets, use cold spells and nature spells. 2. When fighting Carta Thugs, use Chain Lightning 3. When there are Saarebus in a battle try to take them out first or they willl be picking you off from a distance. 4. When there is a Sten on the battle field be warned that he can heal the other Qunari so taking him out quickly has its advantages too. This video ends in the middle of the cutscene where Hawke finds Orsino on the ground http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs