Dragon Age 2 – PT 39 Act 2 Main Quest Blackpowder

Walkthrough of the Dragon Age 2 quest , Blackpowder Courtesy (1/5) this video begins with the cutscene between the Hawke and Arishok 1. Head to the docks and talk to Arishok. 2. travel to Darktown and speak with the Coterie Barker 3. Enter the Smugglers Cut to the left of the Barker 2. In this battle there will be a Desire demon whom will be fighting along side many Shade demons. She will constantly heal them so take here out first. 3. These demons are all weak to electricity, weak to nature, and immune to spirit. 4. Try to lure the shades into a group next to the Desire demon so that all attack against her will also effect them. This video ends after the cutscene with the Coterie Barker http://www.gamefront.com/Games/dragon-age-2/walkthroughs