Donut-Eating Cops Make Punny Video Asking For Kindness

Two police officers out of Iowa are on the path to becoming social media stars after starring in a cheesy donut-themed video that hinges on a groan-worthy pun to encourage people to be nice to each other.

Officer Eric Snyder with the Ames Police Department and Officer Anthony Greiter with the Iowa State Police Department can be seen fulfilling stereotypes as they munch down on a plate full of donuts. With their mouths full, they deliver a very important message.

Law-abiding citizens will get free donuts from the police, but terms and conditions apply. “All we ask is that you donut disrespect, donut discriminate, donut harass, and donut hate,” Snyder says, later reminding viewers that “cop donuts taste way better than regular donuts.”

The two cops seal the deal with a donut fist bump that sends powdered sugar everywhere. So to the people of Iowa: don’t be a jerk and let your taxpayer funds treat you to some delicious donuts.