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Posted by smellthis on Aug. 05, 2009

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So, this pizza box is talking to you, and you're absolutely certain that you haven't eaten any special mushrooms or huffed any particularly potent chemicals recently. What do you do? Well, you would best be advised to listen to what the nice Domino's pizza has to stay, because it just wants to offer you a little present for not chucking it across the wall in abject terror. Watch the pizza box closely to earn a Domino's pizza coupon for piping hot pizza in your neighborhood now! Imagine handing over that Dominos pizza coupon to the deliveryman and having to pay only a few bucks for that melted cheese and pepperoni pizza! So be sure to watch the video all the way to the end for your free Dominos pizza coupon!Imagine this scenario: you're home from work and ready to let the night of playing horrifically violent video games and eating your piping hot Domino's Pizza commence. You boot up the XBox and start blowing up baddies and get the exact power-ups that you need, many n00bs are pwned, and all is right with the world. Things are going so well that you've forgotten all about your pizza. During a brief respite in your alien massacre, you reach blindly over to the Dominos box for a slice and a voice says, "Hey! Watch it!" Yup. The pizza box just yelled at you.

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