Dog the Bounty Hunter Bails Out Nic Cage

This is a transcript of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Nic Cage on Newsfeed…Dog the Bounty Hunter, is making headlines for bailing actor Nicholas Cage out of jail this past weekend… Wow, just when you thought Dog’s show couldn’t possibly get anymore White Trash. Cage was arrested in New Orleans for being drunk in public and disturbing the peace…Do you know how drunk you have to be to disturb the peace in New Orleans? Dog’s wife Beth Chapman…commented, “Whoa Nick! I’ve never been to jail in the Big Easy and I’ve swung my giant American Flag halter top above my head numerous times. You should see the bead collection I have.” Dog was quoted as saying he was just doing his job bailing him, it had nothing to do with his show on A & E, and he doesn’t anticipate any problems with Cage. Bad news Dog, apparently you haven’t seen Con Air.