Dodgers Bankruptcy

Dodgers Bankruptcy on NewsFeed – Baseball! I don’t know much about baseball but I can tell you that the LA Dodgers are pretty close to being about as poor as I am. I eat 6 times a day: ramen noodles 3 times a day and the wrappers of those ramen noodles the other three. I’m dying. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is applying for bankruptcy protection in hopes to keep the team afloat. If the judge doesn’t approve the protection then the MLB will own and maybe dissolve the team like the former Texas Rangers or Baltimore Orioles. My biggest worry is that now in the summer in Los Angeles, where are parents supposed to take their kids to show them the Dodger tradition of beating up people rooting for the opposing team? And also, Dodger dogs? Say it isn’t so Dodgers, but if you must, you can sleep on my futon for a couple weeks. But don’t touch my poster of the cast of Outsourced!