Do You Think This Police Officer Was Wrong For Tasing The Dog?

Is the neighbor’s dog driving you crazy by barking all night? Just tase it! That’s what one Tallahassee police officer was caught on dashcam video doing as he attempted to arrest unlucky pooch’s owner.

The controversial footage shows two police officers placing a man, who appears to have been walking his dog, under arrest. Sensing his owner’s agitation, the dog does what any loyal best friend would do and starts trying to fend off the cops.

That’s when one of the officers pulls out his stun gun and zaps the dog, who immediately runs away, much to his owner’s dismay.

“You just shot my dog with a taser! What is going on?” he asks frantically. “I’m not even doing anything!”

Now, the owner has slapped both the city of Tallahassee and the two arresting officers with a lawsuit and is asking for damages of up to $15,000.