“Do Not Tase Him!” Power Tripping Cop Fights With EMT

There must be something in the water in Portsmouth, Ohio. Utter chaos broke out one night near a popular nightlife destination after police and EMTs were called to help a man who got knocked out by another man– only for the first responders to begin fighting amongst themselves.

Bodycam footage from the bizarre incident shows a crowd gathering around a man who was apparently punched so hard that he lost consciousness. The victim remains splayed out onto the street as help arrives.

For several minutes, police officers can be seen consoling the man’s distraught friends as EMTs desperately attempt to resuscitate. The man regains consciousness out of nowhere and begins lashing out, intermittently hurling punches at the first responders as he drifts in and out of sleep.

The cops and the EMTs are able to cooperate long enough to hoist the man toward a waiting stretcher, but when he grows violent again, one of the officers tases him – and all hell breaks lose.

“Do not tase him! Do not tase him!” one of the EMTs can be heard screaming as he places his hands on a cop. The two quickly find themselves in a shoving match that ends with the medic backed up against a police cruiser.

Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware has sided on the part of the police officer, claiming that the fight stemmed from a misunderstanding between the EMT and another officer who was nearly bitten by the deranged man and requested him to be tased.