Did City Councilman Get Preferential Treatment During This Traffic Stop?

City Councilman Robert Stokes Sr. (D-12, Baltimore) was quick to identify himself as a councilman during this traffic stop caught on a Baltimore police officer’s bodycam. Now people in the community are wondering if he was given preferential treatment by police due to his political standing.

The councilman was pulled over for having two broken taillights, failing to use a turn signal and driving through a stop sign. To make matters worse, the officer said he could smell alcohol on his breath.

During the interview, when the officer asks if he had anything to drink, Councilman Stokes says he had just one beer.

“I don’t believe that,” the officer responded.

Fast forward just a bit and the councilman gets a little argumentative when the cop offers him a solution: park the car nearby (he even has his choice of legal spots) and walk away from the scene with just a warning.

“But I’m not drunk, sir, all I had was a glass of wine,” he tells the officer.

Wine? Not beer? Oops. Councilman: 0. Baltimore Police Department: 1.

Stokes seemingly sobers up instantly and takes the warning. Smart fellow.