Diana Zubiri Nude

Posted by tonysdsf0m on Oct. 05, 2009

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There is no time for you to not watch this Diana Zubiri video. This hot Filipino actress takes a bath with a fellow Asian beauty and then gets ready for her day. This sexy lady from the far east has a certain allure I can’t quite put my finger on. Could it be her dark hair, or gorgeous face. No it’s definitely that she’s topless. But beyond her exposed breasts there is he woman herself. Zubiri is a noted philanthropist, as well as a member of the sierra club, and an amnesty international ambassador. Just kidding. But who cares as long as there are nude Diana Zubiri videos in the world?Sexy Filipino Diana Zubiri video tapes her self in the bath in this sexy clip. She's happy and frothy in the tub. Rose pedals and sexy friends also make an appearance in the bath with Diana. If this is what really happens at spas then everyone should enroll at masseuse school. Now!

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