Desperate Dude Snatches Cheap Cellphone In Broad Daylight

Police in Philadelphia are on the lookout for a man who walked into a cellphone store and appeared to be interested in purchasing a phone, only to instead opt for the five-finger discount.

The incident took place at a Boost Mobile store, when the perp entered the premises and began asking employees questions about cellphones.

Surveillance footage shows the yet-unidentified suspect – whose face is clearly visible at several points in the video – appearing to case the joint and determine when is the best time to strike.

Then, as he leans against the counter and pretends to be examining his options, the robber lunges toward an employee and snatches a $150 LG Tribute HD phone, along with a cellphone plan. He then fled on foot.

Anyone in Philly who has information about the culprit’s whereabouts is encouraged to phone it in before he sets his sights on an Apple store.