Desperate Carjacker Jumps Into Ice Cold River To Escape Police

I suppose giving yourself severe hypothermia is one way to avoid getting hauled off to jail. A carjacker in Snoqualmie, Washington tried to escape police officers by jumping into the frigid waters of the Snoqualmie River, only to get captured shortly thereafter.

The incident began at around 6:00 pm on Thursday evening, when a woman decided to leave her keys in her truck as she made a pit stop at a Snoqualmie credit union. That’s when the 25-year-old suspect jumped into her truck and threw it in reverse.

The woman wasn’t having it: she sprinted over to her truck and yanked him out, prompting the cowardly carjacker to not put up a fight and beg the fierce lady to not call police. So that’s exactly what she did.

Her call kicked off an hour-long chase of the slippery suspect as he darted through a residential area, running through backyards and side streets as cops struggled to keep up. A helicopter was eventually called in to monitor the suspect.

Aerial footage shows an officer nearly back the suspect into a corner, but he instead hops several fences and winds up at the bank of the Snoqualmie River, whose water temperature is just above freezing.

He jumps in, swims out to a log to catch his breath, and crosses over to the other side – where waiting officers quickly put him under arrest. The intrepid swimmer is now behind bars on attempted auto theft charges.