Tense Scene Where Gunfire Erupts Between Cop And Deranged Homeowner

Authorities in Georgia have released harrowing footage that shows the moment when a deputy who went to perform a routine wellness check found himself fleeing for his life after the unhinged homeowner began firing shots at him.

The dash cam video shows Troup County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hockett arriving at the residence of 28-year-old Matthew Edmondson after a family member expressed concern about his mental health.

Hockett can be seen making his way onto the property searching for Edmondson, but nobody was home. Eventually, Edmondson returns in a green pickup truck – and begins to kick the police cruiser multiple times before coming back with a gun and firing at the empty vehicle.

Upon hearing the shots, Hockett, who could not see Edmondson nor where the gunfire had originated, begins shouting, “Sheriff’s Office!” Shortly thereafter, Edmondson drives up to the home, only for Hockett to frantically scream, “No! No… Please don’t shoot!”

Hockett sprints back to his patrol car with Edmondson in hot pursuit. The officer manages to jump the fence moments before Edmondson begins shooting at him. Hockett returns fire, striking Edmondson in the shoulder, before fleeing the property and awaiting backup.

Edmondson was eventually taken into custody later that evening after a protracted stand-off with officers. He faces a slew of criminal charges that includes attempted murder and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Hockett was later treated for non-life threatening injuries sustained during the terrifying ordeal.