Sickening Scene Where Deliveryman Gets Attacked By A Pair Of Scumbags

One second he was trying to deliver some munchies to a hungry family in the Bronx and the next second he’s fighting for his life. New York police are on the lookout for a pair of thugs who violently beat an unsuspecting deliveryman in an incident that seemingly sprang out of the blue.

Surveillance video shows the deliveryman holding a plastic bag filled with food as he tries to edge past a man and a woman. Without provocation, the woman begins menacingly pushing him on the chest, backing him up against the wall of the building.

Suddenly, the man comes up from behind and hurls a punch at the deliveryman’s face, sending him reeling. The woman then grabs his shirt and pulls it over his head.

As the innocent deliveryman attempts to flee, the duo begins assailing him with a flurry of punches and kicks, even after he winds up on the floor. A crowd can be seen gathering around the brawl but nobody tries to offer help.

The pair of crooks eventually rifled through his pockets and made off with his cell phone and cash. Fortunately, the 21-year-old victim only suffered minor injuries.