Dear Dave #3 ( David Spates )

Posted by OldAccount on Jul. 19, 2013

Click ere to tweet this video! http-// ?????Featured Pick????? You ask the question and David Spates gives you the mother fudge'n answer. Questions by- Edbassmaster http-// jojoistoasty http-// XDPeruMan http-// meanameen http-// Babydeuce02 http-// xKyle775x http-// HustleDayZero http-// edga749 http-// Godly5n1p31 http-// cruzanchaos http-// kingTony2290 http-// Kelzek93 http-// Zacharystrobelshow http-// Post questions in the comment box of the Dear Dave Questions Videoat http-// Leave a text question in the comments or post a question in video response and David will try to answer it. If your question is used for a video your name will be in the video & if you post a question by video response, a clip of your video will be in David's video if it is used. Please remember lots of people ask questions and he can't answer every one --) Check out the many other sketch comedy and vlog videos at http-// many more videos coming soon! T-shirts & Merch at http-// Add David on these other sites http-// http-// http-//instagram/DavidSpates http-// http-// http-// Google Plus http-//

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