Dean Spanley Trailer- In Cinemas December 12

Posted by Timmsie on Nov. 11, 2008

DEAN SPANLEY Starring Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown & Peter O’Toole England,1904. Henslowe Fisk (Jeremy Northam) and his ailing father, Horatio Fisk (Peter O’Toole), decide to go to a lecture given by the Swami Nala Prash (Art Malik) on reincarnation, called ‘The Transmigration of Souls’. While there, they meet one Dean Spanley (Sam Neill) as well as Wrather (Bryan Brown), a self-described facilitator from the Colonies. Later encountering the Dean at his father’s club, and then in the grounds of the cathedral, Henslowe takes this to be more than coincidence and decides to ask the man to dinner, enticing him with the promise of his favourite tipple Imperial Tokay, a rare Hungarian sweet wine. Using Wrather to procure a bottle, Henslowe begins a series of dinners between with Spanley, in which – after two glasses of the wine – the Dean begins to recount strange recollections of his past life. Incredulous at first, Henslowe becomes intrigued by the Dean’s clear-headed accounts of his day

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