You may be able to arrest the 50 foot woman, but you can't keep her silent!! 50 year-old actress Daryl Hannah, who's still cougar-riffic, was arrested on Tuesday outside the White House after refusing police orders to leave a sit-in protest by environmentalists against a proposed Canada to Texas pipeline. Right now you're saying "Huh??". I'll explain: People supporting the pipeline say that more oil will come into the United States which will mean more jobs for Americans, while the Daryl Hannah & the other hippies say the pipeline will bring tar & greenhouse gases into the country. If you don't know what it's like to breathe in that kind of stuff, just go for a jog anywhere in Los Angeles & see if you don't have cancer by mile 3. Since the protest took place outside the White House, the media attempted to get a response from President Obama, but he was busying having another one of them hip-hop BBQ's.