Darien Long kick out bunch of hoodlums

Posted by Adaal-Olop-254 on Feb. 06, 2013

Darien Long aka Kick Ass Mall Cop (ATL Security Guard, who tasered Trashy Mom) kick out bunch of hoodlums of the mall. This time he got a help by a off duty cop. Darrien became known after the publication of the video Trashy mom get tasered, but the following days numerous videos showed Darrian confronting hostile guests, chasing numerous drug dealers from the mall, the local businesses and storefronts in the same area. It's a job that he has to do on a daily basis, because the area is cluttered with drug dealers, local bullies and other raff's. Darrien says the area downtown Atlanta needs to be cleaned up so that other business can set up and prosper. This brave guy deserves overwhelming support from the entire nation in his stand against crime and in his stand for order and prosperity. Regarding the issue of politically incorrect language used in this video, I don't think that this security guy is racist, neither homophob. I know it will be hard for many to understand, but the word ni***/nigga in a sla

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