Dad Gets Shot After Son’s Request To Urinate Is Denied

You know those parents who are crazily overprotective of their children? Multiply that by ten and you have this crazy incident: body cam footage out of Michigan shows the moment when a man tried to run over a pair of police officers who were arresting his son.

It all started on the night of October 21, 2016, when Jared Martin was pulled over by a Charlevoix County Sheriff’s deputy for driving with a flat tire and a burnt-out tail light. The deputy quickly realized that Martin had been drinking and decided to perform sobriety tests.

When Martin failed those, the cop administered a breathalyzer test. Martin blew a 0.175, over twice the legal limit. That’s when the deputy moves in to make the arrest – and things go absolutely bonkers.

A belligerent and combative Martin refuses to surrender, claiming a need to urinate, so the cop tases him as the pair begin to scuffle. Martin’s father, who had been waiting across the street in his vehicle, suddenly revs up the engine and accelerates, nearly striking the deputy and his female partner in the process.

The deputy fired off multiple shots in response, two of which hitting Martin’s father in the arm. He was eventually charged with assault with attempt to murder, obstructing a police officer, and for being a habitual offender.

Martin was also slapped with resisting arrest and drunk driving in relation to the incident.