Disturbing Footage Of Grandmother Celebrating After Murdering Son-In-Law

Unsettling video out of San Diego shows a 65-year-old woman jubilantly celebrating the death of her son-in-law – whom she murdered by shooting him over ten times, at one point even stopping to reload.

On the outside, Cynthia Cdebaca looks like any other grandmother, but back in 2014, she planned and carried out the execution of son-in-law Geoward Eustaqio. The video shows Cdebaca describing how she went out and purchased a gun for the sole purpose of killing him.

Although Cdebaca claims that the deceased had abused her and her family for years, she allegedly snapped when Eustaqio did not invite her to her granddaughter’s spelling bee because Cdebaca looked “ghetto.”

That’s when Cdebaca grabbed her .38-caliber five-shot revolver and ambushed Eustaqio outside. Wounded from the first round of shots, Eustaqio crawled inside his home and begged Cdebaca to stop shooting by saying, “I love you Grandma,” but she reloaded her gun and stood over him as she fired the fatal rounds.

Cdebaca then ate breakfast, went gambling, and stopped by her usual coffee shop before police caught up with her and arrested her.

The disturbing footage, obtained from an interrogation room, shows family members saying goodbye to Cdebaca before she is hauled off to jail. Her youngest granddaughter refuses, tearfully saying: “No, you killed my dad.”