Cute Kitty Song

*click more* So its finally here yay! LYRICS oh her name is precious and shes a cute cat, shes the cutest of all and anything but fat. she rolls on the floor, sneaks out the front door she lays in my hamper and keeps herself pampered. hey no offense to nice or mean kitty but i gotta admit guys your rhymes were pretty shitty. shes the cutest cat on youtube, yea hands down she can turn your sad frown upside down yo belive it or not this cute cats a mamma she had three kittens but we only kept one of em. his name is bigguy and hes pretty fat hes the only son of the cutest cat he is so shy and he hides all day but when it get dark he comes out and plays. he has this cool marking shaped like a heart if you listen closely you'll hear him fart. so now lets get back to the cutest cat omg dude look shes waering a hat! she likes to lay on my bed all day long she even help me co-produce this song so now its time for this rap to end ill see you later my good fri