Crysis 2: PT 46: Dark Heart (5/5)

Crysis 2 walkthrough: pt 46: Dark Heart (5/5) 11. Once you get to the area with the trees, cut left down through the little pool of water. Use your cloak and if you are super stealthy, walk up and destroy the third spore vein and slowly walk back to the pool of water without being detected. (This part has one of those huge robot guys and you don’t want to mess with one of them again.) 12. ACHIEVEMENT: Move right (past the tendril in the ground) and walk all the way around the spore and down the pathway. Once you reach the doors, wait for them to open and walk inside to earn the “Into the Abyss” Achievement. 13. Once the thing throws you out, sprint up the street and drop down into the lower level. Sprint down the street for the helicopter.